David Lees Freelance Web Developer


Contact me to arrange for a free consultation about website design, costs, development and maintenance, and any other website questions you might have.

To get a website there are three things you need to do:

Register a Domain Name

For this I recommend Godaddy. Beware because Godaddy will try to sell you stuff that you don't want or don't need before you are allowed to pay for the registration of your chosen domain name.

Hire a Website Hosting Service

For this I recommend Stormer Hosting to store your website files so they can be placed on the Internet. Stormer Hosting provides excellent customer service. Contact me and I will tell you how to do this.

Hire a Website Developer

For this you will have to hire a website developer to build and maintain your website. I'm available to do this, and my fee is $30/hour.

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